Before anything else, I have a passion for paint and faith that in it and through it, something deeply meaningful can emerge.  I allow paint to move me much like it would in abstract painting.  When I start a piece, I never have a preconceived notion of its final state, and I tend to find, lose and shift as I feel my way along.  Cues and clues arise as the painting takes on a life of its own.  

 I typically work in series in order to explore a subject area.  I am fascinated by the way a visual image can put multiple ideas in play, and underlying all my work are themes having to do with the very human need to make sense of one’s world.  Appreciating the complexity of the human experience—at once enchanting and confounding—I avoid pinning down ideas or allowing a straightforward reading of an image.  As a consequence, my work is often multi-layered or polysemic.  I know that a painting is successful when it is engaging enough to raise questions for viewers and stimulate their own imaginations.